$70k+ in Scholarship Awards Granted

July 6, 2015

The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty is proud to offer a variety of scholarship opportunities for students seeking to further their education. Donors who have created scholarship funds at the Foundation recognize that supporting the education of our students is supporting the future of our community. Scholarships are available to graduating seniors headed for college, students at local parochial schools, and non-traditional students returning to learn a new skill or begin a new career. Each application is reviewed by a selection committee and recipients are chosen based on criteria established by the donor.

The Foundation awarded more than $70,000 in scholarship funds in 2015. The following students received awards.

The Community Foundation Scholarship

Sarah Chaney – Lakota East High School

Reuben Brenner – home school

West Chester Hospital Scholarship

Molly Farkas – Butler Tech/ Monroe High School

Katelyn Georgoplus – Lakota West High School

Dr. Masood and Shakila Ahmad Scholarship

Raisa Amin – Lakota East High School

Harold Draut Scholarship

Taylor Paschal – Lakota East High School

Pete’s List of Excellence in History and Government Scholarship

Koshala Selvakumar – Lakota East High School

Amy Saunders – Lakota West High School

Kristin Renneker Scholarship

Abby VanFossen – Lakota East High School

Blake Fishman – Lakota West High School

Jessica Ann Siegel Scholarship

Zachary Tivin – Lakota East High School

Dana Spangler Memorial Scholarship

Anna Casto – Lakota East High School

Roy H. Yelton Memorial Scholarship

Sarah King – Lakota East High School

Alicia Esther Lang Memorial Scholarship

Megan Johnson – Lakota East High School

Kyle J. Babcock Scholarship

Lauren Falk – Fenwick High School

Marvin R. Lawson Scholarship (for Henderson Co. KY)

Caroline Davis – Henderson Country High School

Julia Ellen Burnett Scholarship

Reuben Benner – home school

Bob Lawhorn Education Fund Scholarship

Ashley Couch – Norwood High School

Greg Lemmel Memorial Scholarship

Nathaniel Green – St. Susanna Elementary (attending Fenwick High School)

Matthew & Andrea King Servant Leadership Scholarship

Reuben Brenner – home school

Ezekiel “Zeke” Stepaniak Memorial Scholarship

Bayley Costner – Lakota West High School

Gregory Snyder Coda Scholarship

Sam Law – Lakota West High School

Flynn & Company Scholarship

Megan Cash – Xavier University

Karen Moeller Memorial Scholarship

Bailey Nixon – Lakota West High School

Shawn Lienhardt – Lakota West High School

Butler County Republican Women’s Club Scholarship

Andrew Pearson – Sinclair Community College