The Northern Cincinnati Foundation

Introducing The Northern Cincinnati Foundation

Why The Northern Cincinnati Foundation?

  • More than half of our charitable assets are from donors living in communities outside of West Chester and Liberty Townships, in the neighboring northern Cincinnati suburbs. Transitioning to The Northern Cincinnati Foundation will more accurately represent the donors and communities we serve.
  • Changing our name opens the door to creating more positive impact in the areas we serve. Continued growth will support grant funding to help meet needs now, and for future generations. 


What does this mean for donors?

  • Nothing will change in the administration of your fund, or your ability to recommend grants from your fund to the causes and organizations you care about. 
  • You can continue to expect the same level of personal service from Foundation staff that you always have. 
  • As we continue to learn more about and to form relationships in communities throughout northern Cincinnati, we will be better informed about the needs in these areas and will be able to connect our donors to more causes in northern Cincinnati. 


What does this mean for nonprofits?

  • We will be expanding many grant opportunities to include eligibility for organizations who serve communities anywhere in the northern Cincinnati region.
  • Funding opportunities will still be available for nonprofits impacting West Chester and Liberty Townships; many of our current grantees will be able to apply for  funding to support their programming in communities like Mason, Loveland, Montgomery, etc. rather than apply just for  West Chester/Liberty.


What happens next?

  • Throughout the summer we will be rolling out our new logo and branding online, on social media, and in the community.
  • Updates will be posted here and on Facebook and LinkedIn; we look forward to sharing our new look!
  • You can still connect with us in all the same ways you are used to. We are happy to answer any questions about the change, and are here to help you make a difference with your charitable dollars!