Erin Clemons to assume role of President & CEO

September 1, 2015

Effective Tuesday, September 1st, Erin Clemons will take over the position of president & CEO of The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty from founder Patti Alderson. This planned transition began nearly a year ago when Erin began working at the Foundation as VP of Development & Donor Relations. Patti stepped down from her position as board chair in 2014, handing over the reins to current board chair Dan Benhase, and assumed the role of president & CEO to help guide the organization through a transitional period.

Patti was instrumental in selecting Erin as her successor and is confident in her ability to lead the Foundation toward a bright future. 

"Erin is smart, compassionate and a dedicated worker," Patti wrote in a letter to the Foundation's board and staff. "Erin is passionate about our community and committed to the mission of the Community Foundation. She is a leader and a role model for others."

During her tenure, first as board chair then as CEO, Patti grew the organization to be a trusted community partner and philanthropic resource. Under her leadership, the Foundation grew to hold more than $12.5 million in assets and has granted more than $6.5 million to support causes in West Chester/Liberty and elsewhere. 

The board and staff of The Community Foundation are deeply appreciative of Patti's commitment, dedication and stewardship.