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The Legacy Society

Forever Fund Endowment

The Legacy Society at the Northern Cincinnati Foundation honors individuals who have committed to supporting local communities and the causes they care about forever through a charitable gift in their estate plan.

Becoming a member of the Legacy Society is simple. Include the Northern Cincinnati Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate plan and notify us of your intentions. Your name will be listed as a Legacy Society member on our website and in Foundation publications in honor of your commitment or you may remain anonymous, if you prefer.

The Northern Cincinnati Foundation's Forever Fund is an investment in the future, our operating endowment that supports our mission and enures the Foundation will be here to serve the community for good.

We were established in 1999 as a grass-roots organization, built by dedicated members of the then small rural township of West Chester, Ohio. Forever Fund Families and Businesses were among our first supporters, and their generosity provided the initial funds for the Forever Fund Operating Endowment.

Founding Families

Dick & Patti Alderson
Greg & Sue Amend
The Benhase Family
Steve & Linda Binder
John & Debbie Boehner
Larry & Sandy Brueshaber
Ed* & Ruth* Carey
Mark & Karen Carnahan
Charles* & Barbara Chappell
Dick & Phyllis Clarke
Red & Jo Deluse
Bob & Jo Hutsenpiller Family
Calvin & Judy Johnson
Otto & Gayle Keeton
Kromer-Hunt Family
George & Debbie Lang
Bob* & Lew Ann Lawhorn
Tom & Barb Lutz
Bill & Jennifer Marquet
Mary & Megan McConnell
Joe* & Sue Meyer
Larry & Susan Morgan
Carl & Denise Renneker
Maria Schrudder
Mitchell Schrudder
Larry & Mary Schumacher
John & Bitsy Shaffner
Jim Schmaltz & Family
Jonathan & Heather Theders
The Todd Family
Chris & Sandy Wunnenberg


Founding Businesses

AK Steel Middletown 
Alderson Properties 
Amylin Pharmacueticals
BAE Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brueshaber 
RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders Insurance Agency
First Financial Bank 
Flynn & Company PSC, Inc. 
Ford Development Corp.
GMZ, Inc.
Haglage Construction 
Huntington Bank 
Hutsenpiller Contractors Inc.                
Kleingers & Associates, Inc. 
The Lang Agency 
Mercedes Benz of West Chester
North Ridge Realty Group 
OK Interiors Corp.
Pierre Foods 
Planes Moving & Storage West Chester 
Republic Wire, Inc. 
Schumacher Dugan Construction 
Skidmore Sales & Distributing
Shiver Security Systems
Tri-County Heating & Cooling 
United Group Services


Forever Fund Donors

Joe Busam-Kelly Family Fund
James & Chris Cartledge
Dave & Jan Cook
Dave Bruno & Margy Conditt
Ray & Marilyn D’Alonzo
Marty Davis
Red & Jo Deluse
Daryl & Tammy Demo
Nick & Kristin Enger
Sam & Becky Harris
Frederic & Julie Holzberger
Robert & Donna Leslie
Bill & Jennifer McCloy
Drs. Anil & Chetna Mital
Seth & Danielle Priestle
Myron & Tommie Rowland
Cliff & Sig Ryan
Bill & Lynne Schumacker
Greg & Diane Stamp
Craig & Cynthia Tate
Nancy Terry
Randy & Patty Terry
Phil & Anita Weeda
Ron & Kathy Wegmann
Fritz & Julie White
Tom & Judy Zenge

Dunaway couple

A fund at the Northern Cincinnati Foundation gives you flexibility with your philanthropy. You can be as active as you wish and support the issues and organizations that matter most to you. 

  • Gifts from your fund will be made in your name or the name you choose for your fund. You may also give anonymously and the Foundation will act on your behalf. 
  • You receive immediate tax benefits, but can give over time.
  • Your assets grow through investment, allowing you to give more.
  • You can endow your fund as a legacy in perpetuity, benefiting your chosen cause or organization for years to come. 

A fund at the Foundation of West Chester/Liberty allows you to give to specific organizations, make gifts over time, and grow your charitable dollars through investment—without the administrative burden and expense of a private foundation.


Legacy Society Members

Brent & Sara Arter
Sherry Baker
Dan & Donna Benhase
Erin Satzger
David Bruno & Margy Conditt
Marty Davis
Christine Humphreys*
Susan Kromer Hunt
Kurt Jacobsen
Margo Moats
Bill & Marilyn Richardson
Ken Rieser
Bill & Lynn Schumacker
Julie Shaw
William Shepherd
Bill & Tanya Zerkle

The Northern Cincinnati Foundation manages more than 175 charitable funds dedicated to supporting a variety of causes. If you are looking for a current fund to support, Foundation staff can help you identify those those that align with causes you care about. 

Board Designated Funds

Board Designated Funds address a variety of needs in the community as identified by the Foundation's Board of Directors

  • Community Grants Fund 
  • Community Health Fund
  • Forever Fund Operating Endowment
  • Kids2Kamp Fund
  • Power of the Purse Fund
  • Youth in Philanthropy Fund
Bill & Jenny McCloy, Erin Clemons

Since 1999, the Northern Cincinnati Foundation has helped philanthropic-minded individuals and businesses make the most their charitable dollars. In 2020, donors made $1.7M in grants locally and to causes important to them in communities across the country. The Foundation offers a variety of flexible giving options tailored to meet your charitable goals and financial needs. We will work with you, and your professional advisor, to create your personal giving plan.

Bruno & Conditt

Legacy Donor Stories

Paying it Forward

When asked about their motivation to give back, Dave Bruno and his wife Margy Conditt answer, nearly simultaneously, “God has blessed us.” 
Read More

Types of Donor Funds 

Northern Cincinnati Foundation staff will work with you to determine the best fund type for your charitable goals. 

Donor Advised Fund
You take a more active role in your grant making (whether local, national or international). A Donor Advised Fund provides maximum flexibility for your grant making, allowing designated advisors (named by you) to make recommendations regarding grants from your fund.

Field of Interest Fund
You direct funding to specific causes or geographical areas that you feel strongly about, yet it does not restrict grants to any one particular organization. 

Designated Fund 
You support one or more particular charitable organizations or institutions. A Designated Fund may help a single theatre, a food bank, a school, etc., during your life and, if you plan a legacy gift, for generations to come.

Scholarship Fund
You establish an educational scholarship for a specific interest or school. Scholarships can support any level of education, and may be directed toward students who are graduates of a particular grade or high school.

Scholarship Funds

  • Fund6800 Surviving & Thriving
  • Dr. Masood and Shakila Ahmad Scholarship Fund
  • Kyle Babcock Scholarship Fund
  • Butler County Republican Women's Club Scholarship Fund
  • Janet Benhase Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Julia Ellen Burnett Scholarship Fund
  • Edmund C. Carey Scholarship Fund
  • Northern Cincinnati Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Jordan Day Scholarship Fund
  • Harold Draut Scholarship Fund
  • Dunaway Family Scholarship Fund
  • Thomas Dunlap Scholarship Fund
  • Ben Feazel Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Susan C. Hendel Scholarship Fund
  • Hoody Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Jag's Mise en Place Scholarship Fund
  • Craig Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Alicia Esther Lang Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Bob Lawhorn Education Fund
  • Marvin R. Lawson Scholarship Fund
  • Greg Lemmel Scholarship Fund
  • LIFT Fund
  • Karen Moeller Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Greg and Janet Morgan Scholarship Fund
  • Logan Pence Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Pete's List of Excellence Scholarship Fund
  • Kristin Renneker Scholarship Fund
  • Jessica Ann Siegel Scholarship
  • Shayna Smith Scholarship Fund
  • Dana Spangler Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Mark Vaccariello Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Roy H. Yelton Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ezekiel "Zeke" Stepaniak Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dan and Donna

Sharing the Joy of Living Generously

Over the years, Dan and Donna have contributed time and resources to supporting the community they love. Their generosity and commitment to West Chester and Liberty Township is reflected in their decision to join the Legacy Society at the Community Foundation
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Benefits of Giving with the Foundation

  • Charitable dollars are prudently invested for growth over time, and managed by our Board of Directors and a committee of professionals.

  • Your gift not only benefits the causes you choose, but provides a residual impact for communities throughout the northern Cincinnati region where you live and work.

  • Professional service with a personal approach. Foundation staff provide local expertise and industry knowledge to help you find your passion and make an impact.

  • The Foundation believes everyone should be able participate in the joy of living generously, so we provide gift options to fit your unique needs. If starting a charitable fund is not in your immediate plans, there are many other ways to make an impact.

    Legacy Giving
    Community Health Fund
    Community Grants Fund
    Power of the Purse Women's Giving Circle
    Youth In Philanthropy
    Give to an Existing Donor Fund
    Forever Fund Operating Endowment

Designated, Field of Interest & Agency Funds

Aside from scholarship funds, these three are often the most recognizable funds at the Foundation. Designated Funds allow donors to earmark their charitable dollars for one or more specific nonprofit organizations; Field of Interest Funds target wider initiatives or causes and donors can rely on the Foundation staff to make grants that honor the guidelines they set forth OR recommend grants themselves; Agency Funds are established by organizations to support their ongoing mission with fundraising and administrative support from the Northern Cincinnati Foundation.

  • Allen Park Fund
  • Anthony's Army Fund
  • Atrium Medical Center Fund for Community Health & Wellness Fund
  • Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty
  • Bicycle Recycle Fund
  • Caring Like Angels & Heroes - Angel Fund Endowment
  • Caring Like Angels & Heroes - Heroes' Fund Endowment
  • Companions on a Journey Grief Support Fund
  • Vicki Curtis Fund for Students and Teaching Excellence
  • Linda Marie Degenhart Forevermore Fund
  • Deluse Family Fund
  • George & Marion Dorin Fund for the Blind
  • Eastside Angels Fund
  • Family Promise of Butler County Fund
  • Free Throws for Kids Fund
  • Friends of St. Susanna Parish School Fund
  • GIVE HOPE Pancreatic Cancer Research & Awareness Endowment Fund
  • Christine Humphreys Fund
  • Izaak Walton League, Cincinnati Chapter Fund
  • Jeremy Eller Memorial Fund for International Study
  • Kyle's Fund to benefit St. Peter and Paul Academy of Reading, OH
  • Lakota Athletic Participation Fee Fund
  • Lakota Schools Endowment Fund
  • Leo Johnson Memorial Fund
  • Lakota East Spark Fund
  • Lakota F.I.E.L.D.S Fund
  • Lakota Fund
  • Liberty Township Charitable Fund
  • Liberty Township Parks Fund
  • Lakota Robotics Fund
  • Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School Endowment Fund
  • One Way Farm Children's Home Fund
  • PARACHUTE:  Butler County CASA Fund
  • Reach Out Lakota Fund
  • Rotary Club of West Chester Liberty Fund
  • Sassy's Friends Fund
  • Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families Fund
  • Zach Smith Memorial Fund
  • Square at Union Centre Fund
  • 3 little Halos Fund
  • Traveler Assistance Fund
  • Union Centre Business Merchant Association Fund
  • Butler County United Way Legacy Fund
  • Voice of America MetroParks Program Fund
  • National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting Fund
  • WC Baseball Complex Sustaining Capital Real Property Fund
  • West Chester Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association Fund
  • West Chester Parks Fund
  • West Chester Rotary Foundation Fund
  • West Chester Township Senior Van Transportation Fund
  • The Wishing Well Project Fund
  • Woodmansee Cemetery Fund

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds give donors the most flexibility with their charitable gift, while providing an immediate tax benefit. Donors suggest ongoing uses for their fund—targeting the issues and organizations they care about most – locally, nationally or internationally. It’s a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving

  • 8 Paws Charitable Fund
  • AGAPE's Benevolent Fund
  • AGAPE Legacy Fund
  • AK Steel Charitable Fund
  • Dick & Patti Alderson Family Fund
  • Arter Legacy Fund
  • Ashley's Fund
  • AstraZeneca Charitable Fund
  • BAE Systems, Inc. Fund
  • Sherry Baker and John Arthur Dahman Charitable Fund
  • Beckham Family Foundation
  • John Boehner Education Fund
  • Douglas Brueshaber Memorial Fund
  • Brueshaber Family Fund
  • Carnahan Fund
  • Carnahan Family Fund
  • Phyllis and Dick Clarke Family Fund
  • RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders Insurance Agency Fund
  • Davis-Wendell Family Fund I
  • Davis-Wendell Family Fund II
  • Robert and Gretchen Dinerman Charitable Fund
  • Dunaway Family Fund
  • Fabian Family Charitable Fund
  • Flynn and Company Inc. Fund
  • GMZ, Inc. Fund
  • Haglage Construction Fund
  • Huntington Bank Fund
  • iSqFt Community Outreach Fund
  • Jess's Fund
  • Julia's Angel Fund
  • Ken Anderson Alliance Fund
  • Kleingers Group, Inc. Fund
  • Kromer-Pavlech-Hunt Family Fund
  • Warren and Patricia Lambeck Charitable Fund
  • Rob and Debbie Lemmons Charitable Fund
  • Liberty Center Foundation Fund
  • Linkinnati Community Fund
  • McCloy Family Foundation
  • Mercedes Benz of West Chester Fund
  • Nixon-Peters Family Fund
  • Harold and Glenda Painter Charitable Fund
  • Pets Helping People Fund
  • Planes Moving and Storage Fund
  • William and Marilyn Richardson Charitable Fund
  • Ron and Teresa Rosenbeck Family Fund
  • Art and Dorothy Roth Family Fund
  • Stanley D. Rullman Fund
  • Patrick W. Ryan Fund
  • Schramm Family Fund
  • Schumacher Dugan Fund
  • Shiver Security Systems, Inc. Fund
  • Rob and Maelyn Siegmann Fund
  • Skidmore Sales & Distributing Co., Inc. Fund
  • Sosna Family Fund
  • Sozo Drug Free Kids Fund
  • Howard and Judith Stalford Charitable Fund
  • Greg and Diane Stamp Family Fund
  • William A. and LaVerne R. Stautberg Endowment Fund
  • Greg and Diane Stevens Fund
  • Stock Family Fund
  • Total Wealth Planning Charitable Fund
  • United Group Services Fund
  • Jennifer Verkamp Charitable Fund
  • Robert C. Wasson Memorial Fund
  • Anita and V. Philip Weeda Foundation
  • F & J White Charitable Fund
  • Aaron Wietzel Fund
  • David and Dina Wilder Fund
  • Winterman Family Fund
  • Wipperman Family Fund
  • Thomas and Kathryn Youket Fund
  • Tom and Judy Zenge Fund