Charitable Fund Options

A fund at the Northern Cincinnati Foundation gives you flexibility with your philanthropy. You can be as active as you wish and support the issues and organizations that matter most to you. 

  • Gifts from your fund will be made in your name or the name you choose for your fund. You may also give anonymously and the Foundation will act on your behalf. 
  • You receive immediate tax benefits, but can give over time.
  • Your assets grow through investment, allowing you to give more.
  • You can endow your fund as a legacy in perpetuity, benefiting your chosen cause or organization for years to come. 

A fund at the Foundation of West Chester/Liberty allows you to give to specific organizations, make gifts over time, and grow your charitable dollars through investment—without the administrative burden and expense of a private foundation.


Types of Donor Funds 

Northern Cincinnati Foundation staff will work with you to determine the best fund type for your charitable goals. 

Donor Advised Fund
You take a more active role in your grant making (whether local, national or international). A Donor Advised Fund provides maximum flexibility for your grant making, allowing designated advisors (named by you) to make recommendations regarding grants from your fund.

Field of Interest Fund
You direct funding to specific causes or geographical areas that you feel strongly about, yet it does not restrict grants to any one particular organization. 

Designated Fund 
You support one or more particular charitable organizations or institutions. A Designated Fund may help a single theatre, a food bank, a school, etc., during your life and, if you plan a legacy gift, for generations to come.

Scholarship Fund
You establish an educational scholarship for a specific interest or school. Scholarships can support any level of education, and may be directed toward students who are graduates of a particular grade or high school.